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Hands-On Dental Implant Courses Are The Foundation of Simply Implants Institute


Bridges, Hybrids & Dentures

Full Restorative Training On Live Patients

Immersive Digital Workflow Education


Gain confidence in full-mouth restorative dentistry with implantology courses and residency-style, post-graduate dental  education. Learn full digital workflows with 3Shape or Exocad as part of every course.





 August 16 - 19

September 27 - 30



August 18 - 19

September 29 -30



October 12 - 13



November 1 - 4

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Master Full Mouth Dentistry With Extensive, Hands On Training At Simply Implants Institute

Begin your journey on becoming a FULL MOUTH MASTER at our next Core 1 Course. The countdown is on!









Place 40+ Implants in 6 Days

Each of our students place 20 implants on LIVE patients for each implant placement course that they attend. (Core 1 and Core 2 in conjunction with SI Study Club)

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Introducing Core 3 Advanced, Core R Smile Design, Bite Management, Restorative and Core 4 Hybrids and FP1-FP3 Bridges

SII has just released several new courses especially for Core 1 alumni that are designed to further enrich the content of Core 1, and better prepare students to master full mouth dentistry. Click below to learn more.


Simply Implants Creates Simply Implants Institute

Simply Implants, LLC is the only implant company to own its own institute. At the heart of all we teach is implants. Once you are experienced with implant placement, gain restorative skills, you can master dentures, hybrids, 3on8 bridges and provide optimal care for your patients. 10X your professional skills and your practice. Learn about the award-winning Razor II implant by Simply Implants. Contact our product specialists at 888-660-2720 or visit 

With SII You Will Master Bridges - The Lost Art

SII Dean & Senior Faculty Instructor Dr James R. Chaffin is a renowned Phoenix, AZ dentist specializing in Cosmetic & Restorative dentistry with a focus on prosthodontics. Having completed over 300 full mouth bridges using the 3pn8 bridge technique, Dr. Chaffin teaches SII Alumni who have fulfilled all course prerequisites successfully Bridges - The Lost Art. Begin your SII journey today. Register for an upcoming Core 1 by calling 888-660-2720.

SII Dental Biologics Offers Allograft Bone

SII Dental Biologics offers various grades, package sizes & quantities for the serious dental surgeon including its highly sought after super fine SNOW. For more information contact our product specialists at 888-660-2720 or visit

Emphasis on Restorative Dentistry

SII offers full-mouth, implant, and restorative dental courses, unlike any other institute in America.

Our Courses

Core 1 (36 CE Credits)  (4 Days) - Implant Training Course - Place 20+ Implants on LIVE patients in REAL Cases. Offered at $18,988.

Core 2 (16 CE Credits) offered at $9,988 (2 Days) - Implant Training with Focus on Precision, Speed & Self Confidence - Place 20+ Implants On LIVE patients in REAL Cases Prerequisite: Completion of Core 1

Core 3 (16 CE Credits) offered at $12,988 (2 Days) Advanced Full Mouth - Double Arch Clinical Cases. Prerequisite: Completion of Core 1 & 2

Core R (24 CE Credits) offered at $7,988 (3 Days) opening The Bite, Occlusions, Bite Management, Smile Design, Full Reconstruction - Core R is integral for Restorative Dentistry 

Core 4 - Hybrids & Bridges (36 CE Credits) (4 Days) Hybrids and FP1, FP2, FP3 Bridges. Prerequisites Core 1, 2, 3 Unless Waived By Clinical Director. Offered at $25,000.

Network with Institute Graduates and Like-Minded Practitioners

SII's study club consists of a community of dentists focused on honing and bettering their skills in restorative implantology, as well as other specialties.

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When you are ready to take your skills and production to the next level, reserve a slot for an upcoming hands-on dental implant course with us. We look forward to seeing you!

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